The Woolf Family Story…

Chad and Kari both migrated to the warm weather of Southwest Florida from small towns in cold climates. Chad moved to Fort Myers, FL from Eastern Iowa in 2004 when he was twenty-four years old. Kari moved to Cape Coral, FL from southern Vermont in 2005 after graduating from Nyack college in New York when she was twenty-two.

They met in 2006 at a young adult ministry that was meeting in the home of a friend Chad lived with. By the winter of 2006 they were dating and in September of 2007 they became engaged to be married. The wedding happened in April of 2008 and at that time they began serving together at Park Alliance Church where Chad was the Assistant Pastor.

In November of 2009 Chad and Kari moved to Cape Coral, FL where Chad became the Pastor of Student Ministries at Cape Christian. Then, in the summer of 2010 Kari became pregnant with their first child, who turned out to be a little boy named Turner!

As Cape Christian continued to grow and look to more effectively reach their city for Christ, they decided to start a new campaign in Cape Coral called “Not In My City”. In the fall of this year Chad accepted the call to step out of his full time position as Pastor of Student Ministries and into the new role as Director of the Not In My City campaign. This decision meant trusting God to provide through the gifts of individual donors and Chad and Kari are asking those who know them to consider partnering with them in their prayers and finances.

Recently Turner turned six months old! He’s already rolling around, trying to crawl, and always pulling on Mommy’s hair! Thank you for your friendship and be sure to check back here often for updates on the Woolf family!


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