The “Not In My City” Campaign

Not In My City is Cape Christian’s response to the vast disconnect we see between the lives of people in our city and the fullness of life available to them in Jesus Christ. As we witness children failing to reach their potential, marriages struggling to thrive, and people living in crisis, we shake our heads with God and cry out “Not In My City!”

While this ministry was started by Cape Christian, the goal is for it to be a campaign that takes on a life of its own as other churches and organizations continue to join. So far we’ve already seen three other Cape Coral churches join the campaign as well as the partnership of ten other non-profit organizations.

Chad’s role as director is to continue to expand the campaign by raising awareness, expanding new ministries and recruiting and developing leaders to implement the campaigns objectives. With the broad financial support of donors like you, this campaign can continue to flourish outside the walls of any one church.

You can learn more about the Not In My City campaign by visiting


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